Passive mood-tracking. Privacy-first. 

With Autumn's chrome extension, passively track your well-being over time and get key insights to improve it.

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Combine the chrome extension with a personal well-being dashboard to bring a new level of insight and measurability to your well-being. 

Because what you can measure, you can manage.

If you like that, there's more

Autumn uses AI to analyze patterns in your digital behaviour and language to help you measure your levels of stress and well-being over time.

Because what gets measured, gets managed.

All of Autumn's analysis occurs locally, so your data isn't getting sent to a third-party or sold to advertisers. It's for you and you alone. 

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Privacy is the default setting for Autumn and our clients. No data other than that which our users expressly consent to gets used. No or personally identifying information is ever stored or shared.


In fact, the idea for Autumn came in large part from the frustration we felt at the Facebook's and Google's of the world using the data we produce each day to do nothing more than target ads. Autumn exists to give each person access to real value from their data – the chance to better know themselves.